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Gym Facilities

Our group exercise fitness classes studio (link to classes) is managed by internationally certified fitness instructors. The Cardio Area includes a wide range of Cardiovascular Gym Equipment. The Strength Area is also equipped with a variety of machines which ease the implementation of any desired program for all major muscle group workouts. With these wide range of facilities, exercising can never be more exciting especially when held with our fantastic instructors. At FitnessTime, you can benefit from the valet parking services and free WIFI for. Whether you exercise before or after work, changing rooms are available so you can get changed and showered onsite.


A one on one fitness program is specially designed according to our clients’ body needs immediately after they sign up. Usually, a full body assessment is done and our team will directly design our clients the perfect plan for best results. After that, our clients will be enjoying a free personal training session by one of our qualified instructors to professionally guide them through the whole process of targeting fitness. Each month, the plan will be rechecked and updated with reference to our clients’ requirement analysis.
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Gym Membership

At FitnessTime gym, all women can benefit from a full gym membership and access all facility services including gym and classes. They may also choose only one of their favorite classes and purchase visits to attend. If you are looking for the best gym membership deals in South Lebanon, we advise you to contact us to know if we have any current membership offers.
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Fitness Courses

In collaboration with Lebanese Fitness Academy, FitnessTime by yoyo offers certain international courses for interested people and opens its doors to all certified instructors to become part of its Fitness business all along the Middle East! LFA usually holds fitness courses, designs workshops, links its instructors to all distributing agents, and gives them the chance to start their own career and be a part of its sales team after taking all the LFA courses. Starting 2019, LFA has developed its own strategy to support all certified instructors whether they have started to give various fitness classes, have been working as personal trainers, or even none of that.

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